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How to Do Fetal Education With The Harmony Ball Jewelry During My Pregnancy?




Harmony Ball jewelry originated from Mexican, Bola Angel Caller, the traditional jewelry is a peaceful gift for baby in pregnancy belly, the soft chime sounds with bright color can bring musical calming effect when mother-to-be wears it on her belly. After birth, the baby will feel safe when it hears the familiar sounds. This is also called an angel, or angel watcher, the fairy that everyone has an angel watcher when you shake the bell, your angel will come by side. You can wear your maternity necklace as a lucky charm from the first moments of your pregnancy.

Scientific research shows that babies do have hearing ability. From the 26th week of pregnancy, your baby will gradually become alert to familiar sounds in the natural environment (heart beating, breathing) and external audible stimulation (such as sounds, music, and songs). Researchers have also shown that newborn babies can recognize sounds that they often hear in the womb. In particular, when heartbeats that small babies heard in their mother’s womb are played back to them, it can observe changes in their behavior: they are soothed, start sucking or fall asleep.

Yoga Aum Om Ohm Sanskrit Harmony Ball
Yoga Aum Om Ohm Sanskrit Harmony Ball

From the fifth month of pregnancy, once a day, take a few minutes for your baby to listen to the sweet melody of your necklace. With one hand on your stomach, roll your harmony ball around with the other hand, and tenderly cradle your baby in line with the rhythm of its musical vibrations. By repeating this ritual every day, you will leave a good memory of love and happiness in your baby, who will always associate the sound of jewels with your reassuring presence.

Lovely Mouse Beads Cage Locket Pendant
Lovely Mouse Beads Cage Locket Pendant

By letting your baby hear the sweet melody of the maternity necklace during the last three months of pregnancy,  your harmony ball necklace will be a source of calm and relaxation for your newborn. This ancient tradition, which has been used for thousands of years, is not a miracle solution to calming your baby’s cries, but it does provide an additional tool to help calm and soothe your baby when used in combination with other methods: rocking, singing, carrying the baby in

Chic Harmony Bola Chime Bell Cage Locket Pendant
Chic Harmony Bola Chime Bell Cage Locket Pendant


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