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The Most Memorable Ornaments to Accompany You through The Pregnancy– Pregnancy Angel Bola Necklace




More and more friends will soon be promoted to hot mom!Are you considering gifts to mother to be ?If not,may we suggest you look at getting some beautiful Pregnancy Angel Bola necklaces instead.

Angel Chime Caller Harmony Bola Locket Cage
Angel Chime Caller Harmony Bola Locket Cage

Angel Chime Caller Harmony Bola Locket Cage

Angel Bola necklaces are antenatal training necklaces  worn by pregnant women, typically is made from sterling silver and contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement. This smooth sound can relax the baby in mother’s womb. So pregnant women would like to wear harmony ball necklaces during their pregnancy and following the birth of baby, meaning “both mother and baby are complete” send the best wishes to the best friend.

Harmony Angel Caller Sound Music Bell Pregnancy Rhinestone Ball Pendant
Harmony Angel Caller Sound Music Bell Pregnancy Rhinestone Ball Pendant

The harmony ball pendant worn as a necklace has been used by pregnant women in different cultures for centuries, and hence harmony balls are often called pregnancy harmony ball pendants.These harmony balls are known to be worn by pregnant women in Bali and Mexico during pregnancy. typically come in round shape or a heart shape .The length of the  pregnancy harmony ball necklaces are generally worn on very long necklace chains or cords so that the harmony ball itself rests on the swollen abdomen of the pregnant woman.

The sterling silver harmony ball comes in a variety of designs, including a “solid” sterling silver ball with a small bell inside that can be a smooth polished surface or an ornate cast shell.Some harmony ball designs include a sterling silver “cage,” which is usually a gorgeous open-wire design that allows for a smaller solid harmony ball inside that, in many cases, can be colored.The latter style of pure silver harmony ball has many different styles, which were created by regional artisans and reflect the jewel-making styles and traditions of the region.

Locket Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Pendant
Locket Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Pendant

Angel Wings Openable Harmony Ball Cage-
Angel Wings Openable Harmony Ball Cage

Are you looking for a unique pregnancy gift? Discover our hormony ball items , a complete gift set that will bring joy to every mother-to-be .


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