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Why mother to Be Should Wear a Harmony Bola Angel Caller Necklace ?




Dressing up beautiful for everyday is likely to be every woman’s lifelong pursuit, pregnant mothers should be so.However  , considering the baby in the womb, many mothers cannot use cosmetics and jewelry accessories freely as usual, and have to give up the idea of ” Be beautiful during  the pregnancy “.
Harmony bola also known as “angel caller “Originating from Mexico.They are antenatal training necklaces first worn by pregnant women. They are designed to create gentle and soft wind chime while movements. This smooth sound can relax the baby in mother’s womb. So mothers would like to wear harmony bola necklaces during their pregnancy and following the birth of baby.

Harmony Chime Ball Pendant
Harmony Chime Ball Pendant

Harmony Chime Ball Pendant
Harmony Chime Ball Pendant

An unborn baby begins to hear at about 26 weeks of pregnancy.So it is the perfect time to start wearing a Harmony Bola Angel Caller necklace .wearing a pregnancy necklace  is a good way to let the baby feel mom’s love.Just like playing the fetal education music, and help baby and mommy feel relax from pregnancy to give birth the baby.After birth, the familiar soothing sound will reassure and calm the baby, as a reminder of the warmth and comfort of the womb and the invisible presence of mother.

Harmony Bola Charming Music Chime Ball Cage Locket
Harmony Bola Charming Music Chime Ball Cage Locket

Nowadays, with more and more people start to know this kind of jewelry, many ladies choose to have one. its not only because of the soothing effect for the baby,but also the Angel Caller pregnancy necklace is a meaningful jewelry piece for mothers-to-be and young mothers.A gentle shake of this pendant releases a soft chime sound that brings inner calm and harmony,  this unique and intimate powerful is bond shared between mother and baby.

harmony ball cage locket
harmony ball cage locket

harmony ball cage locket
harmony ball cage locket

It can be worn as a lucky charm, which will accompany them throughout their pregnancy, calling for the protection of their guardian angel.
The bell on the necklace is also a great reminder to calm yourself down and take a few minutes outside of your daily duties to think about your baby and what is necessary.
Pregnancy necklace is an ideal gift from the father to be or during the baby shower.Our angel caller pendant  are unique and handmade necklaces.The Angel Caller necklace becomes a beautiful piece of jewelry in memory of a unique pregnancy and as a symbol of the infinite and universal bond between mother and baby.


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